Patient Rights

:Patient Rights

All patients at Dr.Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic deserve high-quality care, regardless of race, creed, gender, nationality, payment source, ethical, political, cultural, or educational background

1Equality in receiving medical care from a competent and specialized team

2Confidentiality of health and social information related to the patient

3Prompt and reasonable response to their inquiries

4Respect for the patient’s dignity and privacy, with the presence of a nurse during examinations for women (those without companions)

5Knowledge of complete information about the treating physician and the medical team involved in their care

6Obtaining adequate information about their health condition in a language they understand, through translation services if necessary

7Knowing the duration of treatment, available medical alternatives, associated risks, and chances of recovery

8Refusal of treatment after receiving information about potential risks or negative consequences of the treatment, and subsequently signing a specific form

9Choosing and changing the treating physician according to the policies of Dr.Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic

10Requesting transfer to any other hospital according to the policies of Dr.Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic

11Obtaining information about the cost of treatment

12Understanding the rules and regulations of Dr.Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic , and filing a complaint if necessary

:Patient and Family Responsibilities

1Consideration of other patients and visitors

2Providing comprehensive information about the illness and medical history

3Listening to explanations provided by the treating doctor and the medical team and participating in decisions related to the treatment

4Being punctual for appointments and scheduled times

5Providing feedback if there are any concerns about the care provided to improve the level of service

6Respecting and not infringing upon the dignity of the medical complex staff, avoiding any harm, whether physical or psychological

7Some patients with critical medical conditions will have service priority

8Following the safety and security instructions of Dr.Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic

9Preserving property and using facilities and equipment safely and correctly in Dr.Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic

10Designating a person authorized to sign official documents and receive information about the patient’s health

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