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Dr.Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic in Al-Khobar offers a comprehensive range of medical services to meet the needs of individuals and employees in the Eastern Province. Whether you are looking for pre-employment screening, residency examination, or driver’s license examination, the complex provides specialized medical expertise and modern equipment to ensure the delivery of high-quality services. Here is an overview of the services provided by the clinic

Pre-Employment Examination

Pre-employment medical examination is an important step for new employees. The general health condition of applicants is evaluated, and specialized tests are conducted to assess their suitability for the required job. This examination helps identify potential health issues and ensures the hiring of individuals who are fit for suitable roles

Iqama Examination

The complex provides comprehensive examination for individuals who need to renew their residencies. The health condition is assessed, routine tests are conducted, and necessary analyses are performed to comply with local legal requirements. This examination ensures the continuity of the applicants’ health and legal residency

Driver’s License Examination

The complex offers a thorough examination for driver’s licenses, evaluating the ability to drive and ensuring possession of the necessary skills and physical fitness for safe driving. The examination includes vision tests and specialized medical assessments to ensure compliance with health and legal standards for driving

Municipal Health Certificate Examination

The complex provides specialized examination for obtaining the municipal health certificate. This examination is conducted for employees in commercial and service sectors dealing with food and beverages. Compliance with specific health standards is verified to ensure the safety of customers and the public

OGUK Examination

The OGUK examination is required for individuals working in the oil and gas industry. The examination includes an assessment of general health and the ability to work in challenging environments associated with the industry. Specialized medical tests are conducted according to OGUK standards to ensure that workers are capable of working safely and effectively

Foreign Embassy Examination

The complex collaborates with foreign embassies to provide the required medical examinations for obtaining work and residence visas abroad. The necessary tests are conducted, and recognized medical reports are provided to the embassies promptly and efficiently

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Residency Examination

The complex offers specialized examination for individuals from Gulf Cooperation Council countries. The examination includes medical assessment and required routine tests according to the health and legal requirements of each country in the council

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